Superior Digital Wins Transformative Diagnostics Innovation Award: Revolutionizing Pathology with Cutting-Edge Computational Software


June 5, 2022 – Superior Digital, an innovator in the realm of digital pathology, has been honored by The Medical Technology Report with the esteemed Transformative Diagnostics Innovation award. This accolade is an acknowledgement of their pioneering Computational Pathology software, developed and implemented for a private client based in Seattle, Washington.

Superior Digital’s award-winning software is a beacon for the future of pathology, leveraging sophisticated digital informatics and image analysis tools. The software’s digital slide image technology is gradually replacing the traditional glass slide, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to future-proofing pathology​​.

Jonathan DeCollibus, Director of Superior Digital, succinctly states, “This award underlines our dedication to advancing human longevity and wellbeing using technology. Our software empowers pathologists, facilitating remote and safe diagnosis, which is essential in a post-pandemic world”​​.

The software not only optimizes pathologists’ workloads but also enhances user experience, a testament to the firm’s dedicated user experience designers. The flexibility of the software allows for the deployment of ever-evolving informatics and image analysis tools, propelling the shift from traditional to digital pathology​​.

“Our goal is to transform traditional lab workflows into efficient digital ones,” DeCollibus adds succinctly. “With immediate access to colleagues for second opinions and quick access to digital slides, our software saves significant time and provides an ergonomic user experience”​​.

Superior Digital’s innovative software symbolizes a future where hospital systems can reduce errors and dynamically distribute workloads, potentially leading to significant cost savings. This innovation demonstrates a positive shift in regulatory attitudes, fostering wider adoption of digital pathology​​.

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About Superior Digital

Superior Digital, led by Director Jonathan DeCollibus, is a frontrunner in the field of digital pathology. The company is committed to revolutionizing pathology through cutting-edge computational solutions, enabling global pathologists to deliver more accurate, efficient, and remote diagnoses.

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