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Increase Your Revenue With A Superior Magento Platform.

Being on Magento isn’t enough. There are over 176,000 eCommerce stores using Magento right now. You need to have a system that is fully customized with all the options that Magento gives you. You also need to have security (PCI DSS) so that you are not vulnerable to losing customer data to the hands of malicious hackers. You know that a site with premium level design and easy to navigate features means more sales. A site that is sluggish and complex to get around will leave sales on the table every day, week, month and year. Do it right the first time.

Superior Design, More Revenue.

Superior Design Doesn’t Happen By Accident

You want your customers to feel good and comfortable with your site. The design, flow and layout of your site will not come together by accident. Your site needs to be designed with your customer in mind. When you visit Hermè or, something just feels right. That happens when strategy is put into place before we start designing.

Superior Design Means Increased Revenue

Two sites selling identical products, identical traffic sources and quantity will not produce the same revenue if one has a design that is exponentially better. Superior design means taking a larger market share, and that’s a big reason that our clients choose to work with us, now if you want to grow revenues, consider that design plays a bigger role than you may have thought thus far.

UX Features

We’ve all experienced sites where the site feels alive, dynamic, responding to your every move. These sites convert, and they crush the competition, because people love to feel like they are a part of your site, not a passive viewer.

Customized Checkouts

Being a good designer means understanding how to structure the customer journey on your site so that people buy more (increased AOV) and buy more often (increased CLTV). This must be intentional, and must be thought through with your specific market and product offering in mind. Do you offer a range of products, do you offer a singular product? Who are you selling to? Everything matters.

Security & Uptime

Making sure that you have a quality high level store is one thing. Making that site secure, safe and maintaining a higher than average level of uptime means more sales, more customer trust and higher ratings on your product offerings.

Maintenance & Updates

With all that you have to do, customer support, order fulfillment, research and accounting, you need to have a rapid team who can easily help you to update pages with new offers, specials, sales, discounts and update products, collections and pricing at the drop of a hat. Our award winning team support, ‘round the clock makes sure you are one text away from solving any issue or updating anything on the site. No questions asked.