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AWS Managed Services

Your AWS Managed Services Provider and Consulting Partner Architect, Migrate, Manage, and Optimize Your AWS and Azure Cloud for the Complete Business Transformation.

CMS Site Migration from Share Hosting to AWS

Eliminate the challenges of performance, security and scaling that come with a shared hosting platform by migrating your CMS site to AWS Cloud.

Security Compliance and Cost Optimization

Improve the security of your AWS cloud and have it deployed at an affordable and optimized cost with us working as your AWS Managed Service Provider.

SaaS Application Architecture and Development

Design and deploy AWS cloud for your SaaS Application right with our AWS Managed Architecture Design and DevOps services working in line with the AWS Well Architected Framework.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Have your AWS Cloud Infrastructure managed efficiently by having our dedicated 24/7 support services by our expert and professional cloud engineers. Wherein we continuously monitor your applications and cloud infrastructure, apply critical security patches and instantly remedies business critical infrastructure issues.


Are you a business who has been managing its operations over shared hosting platforms looking to take advantage of AWS cloud infrastructure ? Are you a business who has its business operations over a AWS cloud server and looking for a cloud consulting partner who can manage those AWS infrastructure for you? You are at the right place then! Superior is an AWS Managed Services Provider and AWS Consulting Partner. We offer selected c loud services that you need to leverage the power of AWS cloud which can provide you infinite resources on demand. The times where you had to deal with under-capacity or over-capacity infrastructures and weeks to deploy physical computing resources are long gone. With AWS cloud, all you need to do is pay for the services you use and just until for the time you use them. So, let us get working and embark on your cloud journey now!

Our AWS Managed Services

Have the complete cloud architecture designed for your business needs and simultaneously have it developed and deployed as well as managed with a 24/7 support from out expert team of well-experienced cloud engineers.

Cloud Architecture and Designing

We perform a complete portfolio assessment and TCO analysis and discuss with you all your needs and requirements so that we can develop a cloud infrastructure that would cater to those needs.

DevOps and Deployment

Once the cloud architecture is ready as per AWS well architected framework, we move on to its development and deployment so that you can start leveraging the power of the AWS cloud.

24/7 Support and Maintenance

Once you have your cloud infrastructure deployed and installed operational on your AWS cloud, we continuously monitor it and offer our 24/7 support so that your business critical computing resources are always there available to deliver services to your end customer and contribute to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Security Audit and Cost Optimization

We help you optimize your cloud environment with continuous evaluation to prevent any drift that can cause any security gaps or increased costs. With proper targeted optimization, you can greatly reduce cloud costs and boost ROI.

Cloud Migration Services

Lift and shift your legacy applications, database, websites, and mobile backends to high-end cloud infrastructures suitable for your needs and meeting your business requirements.

Benefits of Cloud Services

Cost Optimization

With all your operations over a cloud infrastructure, you reap advantages such as you pay as you go and that too only for the capacity you are using. Also, you can have the servers computing resources scale-up or scale-down automatically based on your changing resource business requirements. This is essentially going to save a lot of computing costs and increase business efficiency.

Higher Productivity

With a cloud infrastructure, all your operations can be managed in a virtual environment. This provides higher availability and accessibility which will lead to higher productivity in the operations. Not required to manage your own power backup, physical security or hardware provisioning.

Enhanced Business Performance

With a cloud infrastructure, you can optimize the costs and reduce it to a considerable extent. Also, you can boost the productivity in the operations with increased accessibility. This contributes to enhanced business performance.

Reduced Time to Market or Time to Production

With a cloud infrastructure, you can have your computing resources available within hours and minutes. All you need to do is setup your AWS cloud infrastructure. Unlike the earlier times where it took months to deploy a server, with a cloud environment, at your disposal. you get a shorter time to market that is reduced from months to minutes.

Instantly Address Business Computing Resources Requirements

With all your resources and data into the cloud infrastructure, you need not maintain any heavy dedicated hardware, power backup and network connectivity or software. You can have access to all the resources from any place at any time. This gives you the ability to address your business computing resources requirements instantly .

Why Choose Superior?

We work as your cloud consulting partners and offer you amazing capabilities with our cloud services to help you find the best-in-class cloud solutions for your business.

In-built Security and Compliance

With our DevSecOps expertise, we make sure that your cloud infrastructure has in-built security features that protect your cloud 24/7.

Performance and cost optimization

We build your cloud environment to deliver high performance and amazing experiences and great application performance experiences for the end users .

24/7 Proactive Monitoring and Support

Our experienced cloud experts will be available for you at every instance to perform round the clock, monitor and maintain your cloud infrastructure, support you with rapid and instant responses in solving any kind of cloud issues you face in the course of your operations. Also, we leverage the amazing ability of 99.99999% uptime offered by the Amazon Web Services and make sure that your infrastructure never faces a downtime.

Experienced Team Cloud Engineers

Experience adds up to the reliability and quality of the services and we provide a high degree in that with our amazing team of well-experienced and expert cloud engineers.

Experience of 25+ AWS Cloud Implementation

With our amazing team of expert cloud engineers, we have successfully developed and implemented 25+ Websites and SaaS applications that have been working with maximum efficiencies and amazingly boosting the client’s ROI.

AWS Cloud DevOps and Deployment Services Content

AWS Cloud DevOps and Deployment Services

AWS Cloud Infrastructure Development In Consistency with AWS Well-Architected Framework

If you are looking for a AWS Cloud Services Provider and Consulting Partner, then you need to look no further than Superior. We have the experience and expertise to design, develop, optimize, and support your AWS Cloud Infrastructure following the best in class DevOps tools and methodologies.

The cloud infrastructure that we develop for you is entirely consistent with the AWS Well-Architected

Framework and offers you an effective, efficient, and reliable solution. We have a passionate team of well-experienced and qualified cloud engineers performing all the DevOps and Deployment functions for you and with the expertise we possess, you can be sure that you get end-to-end DevOps automation services and a cloud infrastructure right as per your needs.

Our Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions and services for the development and deployment of AWS cloud infrastructure that will scale up your business capabilities.

Code-Defined Infrastructure

We design the complete AWS cloud infrastructure as a code that can be reused multiple times to develop multiple environments. All the changes will be made to the code without any manual adjustment. With your cloud infrastructure work upon infrastructure-as-a-code, you can automate the deployment of cloud infrastructure, apply testing and provide detailed audit trails for the changes you have made.


Shift more of your operational responsibilities to AWS cloud infrastructure with cloud-native infrastructures like serverless where you can scale up or scale down on the basis of your resources requirements and benefit from other DevOps related micro-services to enhance the speed, agility, and security by improving the software delivery cycles.

Logging Monitoring

When you are working with microservices like containers and serverless, you need to have constant feedback and monitoring to detect performance problems and failures. We provide you with logging monitoring services to facilitate the same so that you may have the constant feedback you need and your applications keep working without any discrepancies and errors.


Continually improve and enhance your cloud native applications and achieve benefits such as increased performance, reliability, and operational excellence along with reduced cost with proper and continuous optimization of your cloud infrastructure.

Continuous Delivery

Have a deployment ready built artifact and apply automated testing and application verification to improve quality and accelerate deployments with a continuous delivery of DevOps Services on a real-time basis.

DevOps As A Service

Having your own DevOps Engineers can be a costly affair for you. So you probably do not want to add up an overhead cost for having a cloud infrastructure. What more, you even do not have to, especially when you have Superior working as your AWS Services Provider and Consulting Partner. We take care of all your cloud development and deployment needs without cloud engagement model where we offer AWS Cloud DevOps As A Service where you can have servers and resources on demand and work based on a pay as you go model.

AWS Cloud 24/7 Support and Maintenance Services Content

AWS Cloud 24/7 Support and Maintenance Services

Managing Your AWS Cloud Infrastructure for Achieving Continuously High Performance

Having an AWS Cloud Infrastructure deployed for your business is going to offer you great leverage in terms of performance and uptime, however, this infrastructure is not going to keep working all on its own. You need to continuously manage your cloud infrastructure so that you can detect performance gaps, security threats, and other drifts. This is where Superior comes in working as your AWS Cloud Services Provider and Consulting Partner and providing you 24/7 Support and Maintenance for your AWS cloud infrastructure.

What We Offer?

With us you can get the expertise of experienced cloud engineers continuously working on the maintenance of your AWS cloud infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring, testing, and support.

AWS Managed Security Services

We follow the best industry practices and methodologies to perform various patching, test for security compliances, scan for vulnerabilities, and other ongoing threats and anomalies to make sure that the security of your cloud infrastructure is continuously managed and your operations are running smoothly without any security breaches or interruptions.

Focused Support for AWS Cloud Infrastructure

We provide a continued support for your AWS cloud infrastructure with our complete focus on monitoring and testing the infrastructure for bugs and other performance related errors and issues and fix them so that your critical cloud computing resources are continuously delivering end-to-end services to your end customers thereby giving out higher revenues with improved user experiences that lead to enhanced customer satisfaction.

About Us

Your AWS Cloud Services Providers and Consulting Partners

Getting your business on an AWS cloud infrastructure is going to bring you amazing advantages and lift your business up for higher scalability, performance, and revenue generation. But to have this infrastructure, you need to get the services of experts who are well-versed with the technical know-how related to the DevOps, Deployment, and Support of an AWS Cloud Infrastructure. This is where you can think of getting in touch with Superior.

Superior is an AWS Cloud Services Provider and AWS Cloud Consulting Partner engaged in providing selective services for the cloud infrastructure. We have the expertise in cloud solutions such as AWS Cloud Architecture Designing, AWS Cloud Infrastructure DevOps and Deployment, AWS Cloud Infrastructure Support and Maintenance, AWS Cloud Migration, AWS Cloud Optimization, and such other AWS Managed Services.

We work with a team of experienced and expert cloud engineers who are well-versed with every aspect of the AWS Cloud Infrastructure, have the complete technical know-how, and follow the best AWS tools and methodologies to develop the cloud solutions for you and manage them with highest efficiency and a 24/7 support.