Medical Technology Report Honors Pioneering Company for Early Disease Detection Technology

June 5, 2016 – Superior Digital, a leading healthcare technology company, announced today that it has received the ‘Excellence in Medical Innovation Award’ from The Medical Technology Report for its artificial intelligence-based early disease detection software. The award was presented at The Medical Technology Report’s annual gala event held in Los Angeles on June 5th, 2016.

Superior Digital’s CEO Jonathan DeCollibus accepted the award on behalf of the company. “We are tremendously honored to be recognized for our innovation in the medical field. Our vision has always been to use advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to detect diseases as early as possible and save lives. This prestigious award validates our efforts and will energize our team to continue pushing the boundaries of medical software,” Mr. DeCollibus said at the gala event.

Superior Digital’s award-winning software applies powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect signs of diseases at an early stage by analyzing patient medical records, test results, wearable device data as well as other health information. Early detection of conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease can dramatically improve health outcomes and chances of successful treatment. Superior Digital is at the forefront of medical innovation with this game-changing technology.

With this award, The Medical Technology Report, a leading industry publication, honors Superior Digital for being an innovator in medical software and for delivering technology that can significantly improve healthcare and patient lives. The ‘Excellence in Medical Innovation Award’ is considered one of the most prestigious honors in the health technology industry. Superior Digital’s achievement demonstrates the huge promise of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing medicine.

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